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How Detectable Pens Can Help Your Buiness

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If you work in an industry that needs to keep track of where lost pens go, to write on more than just paper, or to prevent contamination between objects, then detectable pens may be right for you and your business.


One of the best benefits of a detectable pen is that they are meant to be caught when they go through metal detectors, as opposed to other pens with metal parts small enough to sneak through. If your business or workplace makes use of metal detectors for people or products going in or out of the business, then a detectable pen can ensure that fewer pens go through the metal detector without being caught. This is especially important if you find that the metal detectors used are the right sensitivity to filter most objects, but not strong enough to catch regular pens. Without detectable pens, you risk decreasing the quality of your sent merchandise with errant pens.

Write on More Than Just Paper

Another benefit of detectable pens is that they are generally made out of higher quality materials, including the ink, which not only makes for a smoother writing process on regular paper but also allows you to write on glass, metal, plastic, grease, and other materials. This flexibility allows them to be used in both the food industry and automobile industry, as well as others, even if they might not need the metal-detectable aspect of the pen. If you work in a business where you want to write on non-paper surfaces with ease, then a detectable pen might be right for you.

Anti-Microbial Surface

Finally, detectable pens are usually made with materials that are anti-microbial, which can be a great benefit for businesses or industries that need to lower the risk of contamination when working. Anti-microbial surfaces are those made from materials that naturally kill micro organisms upon contact, such as copper, zinc, and other materials. This prevents the spread of germs from your hand to the pen and so on, as any micro organisms are destroyed upon contact with the anti-microbial surface. If you are interested in lowering the risk of contamination with anti-microbial products, then detectable pens may be right for you.

Detectable pens are a great resource for businesses wanting fewer pens permanently lost in the production process, more flexibility in what surfaces they can write on, and a decreased risk of contamination from writers to writing implements. Find a local or online metal-detectable pen supplier, and contact them today. Some companies, like Detectapro, know how important this is.