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Getting The Most Value And Performance From Your CBD Tincture

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Cannabidiol has fast become a go-to product for people with many different ailments and illnesses. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the ingredient in the cannabis sativa family that provides the healing properties found in hemp and marijuana, but CBD users can get the benefits without the high feeling. There are many ways to use CBD, and one popular option is as a tincture.

Understanding Tinctures

A tincture is primarily CBD mixed with an oil that can be taken directly under the tongue or ingested to get it into your body. There are many companies producing tinctures, so the consumer has a lot of options when it comes to choosing a flavor or a strength to use. Many companies offer tinctures with listed concentrations of one hundred milligrams of CBD to well over five thousand milligrams. But understanding what that really means is vital if the CBD is going to perform the way you want.

CBD tinctures come in many different sizes of bottles, so when you start looking at the amount of CBD in the product you are considering, you need to understand that the amount listed is per bottle of CBD. If the bottle is one ounce and the listed amount is two hundred milligrams, that means there are two hundred milligrams in the one ounce of the tincture. If the bottle is three ounces with the same amount of CBD listed on it, you are getting sixty-six milligrams of CBD per ounce of oil, so you may appear to be getting more, but you are getting less per dose.

Using Tinctures

The most common way that people use tinctures is to put a few drops of the liquid under their tongue and repeat it as needed throughout the day. However, tinctures can be added to food or drinks as well. You can put some in your coffee in the morning if you like, but remember that since it is an oil, it can be hard to mix in. 

The amount of CBD people use is different for everyone, and depending on what you are using it for, you may find you need a high-dose product to get the relief you need from the CBD. Start low and add to your dosage until you get the right amount of CBD for your needs. 

If you can get a high-dose product like a five-thousand-milligram tincture, you may be able to take minimal dosages of one or two drops a day and still get the amount of CBD you need for your situation.