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Reasons To Order Custom-Fit Condoms

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When you browse the options available on the website of a custom condom producer, you'll often be excited with the idea of giving your condoms — and even their wrappers — a custom appearance. Choosing colors, uploading images, and other such customizations can be a fun process to go through. Many of these companies also give you the ability to customize the size of your condoms, and while this isn't something that is relevant to everyone, it may be appealing to you. By entering several values in the custom condom tool, you'll be able to have condoms produced of exactly the size that you want. Here are some reasons to proceed in this way.

Better Fit

Perhaps the main reason that you might choose to have custom condoms is so that they fit you better than those that you buy at your local pharmacy. While standard condoms are available in a variety of sizes, there's a chance that your penis is of a size that has prevented you from finding a condom that fits well. For example, if you're of a below-average size, and the smaller condoms on the market are too roomy, this can be a frustrating experience. Entering your custom measurements will give you a product that fits you properly.

More Comfort

It's important to wear a condom that fits comfortably, but this isn't always the case when you buy condoms off the shelf of a local store. If you have a penis that is large, even the larger condom sizes might not be comfortable. They can dig into your skin, especially the tight ring around the base of the condom, and affect your comfort. No one wants to have a sexual encounter in which his private parts are uncomfortable because of how the condom fits. Customizing a custom to be large enough to fit you comfortably can increase your enjoyment of sex.


There's no denying that one of the reasons you might want to order some custom-sized condoms is for a joke. For example, ordering some condoms that are as small as the company will produce them, or as large as you can, can make for some laughs with your friends. Whether you give them out as novelty gifts at a bachelor party or attempt some playful embarrassment of a friend by leaving an extra-small condom in his or her car where someone else might see it, you'll have the ability to order condoms in exactly the right sizes for your uses.

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