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Help Your Child Learn To Read With An Orton Gillingham Tutor

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Does your child have a condition that makes it difficult for him or her to read, such as dyslexia? If your child has been struggling and falling behind peers in the classroom, you may want to figure out a way to get your child the professional help that is needed. Because different children learn at difference paces and in all kinds of ways, it might benefit your child if you were to hire Orton Gillingham tutors.

What Does an Orton Gillingham Tutor Do?

If you have never heard of Orton Gillingham tutors, you must know that these tutors are professionals that have spent dozens of hours learning how to teach children to read and understand words while taking more of a flexible approach. One of the reasons your child may have trouble reading is because he or she struggles with understanding the sounds that all some of the different letters make. Rather than initially worrying about teaching the child the proper meaning of the word, there is a strong focus on teaching the child how to sound out specific words in the correct way without making errors. When the child eventually learns how to properly recognize and recite certain words, it is then a good time to learn the meaning of those words.

Why Is It Beneficial to Hire One of These Tutors For Your Child?

An Orton Gillingham tutor is patient and understands that not all children learn to read as easily as others. Your child may not get the special one-on-one attention that he or she needs at school because there are plenty of other children in the classroom that also take up the teacher's time. Because you do want your child to learn to read, hiring an Orton Gillingham tutor is the best way to help your little one make plenty of progress over time. The tutor could visit your home after school or even on the weekends to work with your child on recognizing letters and words, reciting those letters and words, and even writing the letters and words down to get the hang of them over time. The tutor's primary goal is to help your child succeed in becoming a fantastic reader, even if it takes several months of tutoring to get that to happen.

If your child is struggling with reading and cannot understand the meaning of many words, an Orton Gillingham tutor could help. These tutors use a hands-on, flexible approach to help children of all ages with recognizing words, sounding them out correctly, and using them the right way. Contact a provider, such as Pride Reading Program, for more information.