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Examining Salon Waste

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Waste disposal for a salon should not be taken lightly. While it might not seem like it, some of the waste produced by salons is potentially hazardous, and some of the materials are even recyclable. It's a good idea to take a closer look at the waste your salon generates to ensure you're disposing of it the correct way.

Hazardous Waste

If you operate a full-service salon, you are generating some level of hazardous waste. Take an eyebrow wax service, for instance. During the procedure, as the hair is removed from the root, it's not uncommon for a client to bleed slightly. When the stylist uses a cotton ball to clean the area, the ball immediately becomes hazardous because it contains bodily fluid. 

Tossing the cotton ball in the regular trash could put your salon staff, clients, and the local community at risk unnecessarily. Your salon should have special waste containers for potentially hazardous items so that they can be handled by the appropriate waste collection service. 

Toxic Waste

From hair color to perms, the average salon handles toxic waste throughout the day. Particularly when it comes to hair color, common ingredients like phenylenediamine are known to be especially dangerous to certain wildlife and can even contaminate the soil. These chemicals can also cause a chemical burn if they make contact with the skin. 

Any product containing a chemical should be disposed of carefully. A container with a lid that is stored away from any heat source is a good start. Similar to hazardous waste, the waste container for these products should be labeled so that the waste management company knows exactly what type of waste they are handling. 

Recyclable Waste

There are also plenty of items in your salon that are recyclable. Training your staff on how to spot recyclable materials and installing a separate waste collector for these materials is a great idea. First, some of the plastic containers that products come in are recyclable, including shampoo bottles. 

Second, some metal spray cans, such as the aerosol cans used for hair spray, can also be recycled when they are empty. Third, the paper or plastic items that your clients discard while in the salon might also be recyclable. Install a recycle bin in the client waiting area as well to encourage this practice for everyone.

If you need assistance with your waste removal process, contact a commercial garbage removal company for assistance.