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Need Work And Want To Try Your Hand At Construction? Where To Find Entry-Level Jobs

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When you are out of work and down on your luck, you begin looking for any sort of work at all. You look at various job postings in grocery stores and job boards, and you consider jobs you would never have thought about before. If that is the way you are beginning to think in terms of construction jobs, it is possible that you could get an entry-level construction job and work your way up to more complicated construction jobs. Some people start out as the traffic directors for road construction, holding that stop and go sign while road crews are working. Others are directed to drill holes and hammer things in place. Simple enough, but where do you find these jobs? Look in the following places. 

Construction Staffing Services

These staffing agencies specialize in finding and hiring people to work in all kinds of construction jobs. You will have to list the tools you know how to use because they do not always train you to work these jobs. However, if you are hired and sent to work an entry-level position under a construction contractor, he/she may train you to use several other tools, thereby advancing your skills and knowledge with on-the-job training. 

Construction Jobs Listed Outside City Hall

Many city halls have a job board that lists construction jobs. Most of these might be for construction contractors seeking projects with the city, but they can also include contractors looking for extra help on the projects they bid on with the city and won. Look here on a weekly basis and keep your eyes and ears open for which contractors have placed their bids with city projects. The contractors who win those bids are likely going to need more help, and that is a good place and a good way to get your foot in the door. 

State Employment Agency

Some construction jobs are hired directly through the state employment agency. It means that you would be working for the state as a government employee, and you would not necessarily be working for a contractor. A lot of these jobs are entry-level as well. However, they pay very well and they do provide additional training when you are interested in leveling up in the field. Your state has its own hiring and job posting board, but you can ask any social worker or job coach about how to find that website. 

For more information, contact a construction staffing service.