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3 Types Of Businesses That Usually Buy Gold Jewelry For Cash

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Most people have at least a few gold jewelry pieces in their possession, and the beauty of gold jewelry is that it is never really hard to sell. If you have some gold jewelry pieces in your collection that you have no need for and you are looking to sell them, you do have options. There are actually several types of businesses that frequently offer individuals cash for their valuable jewelry pieces, especially when those pieces are made out of gold. Take a look at some of the places you can go to trade in your jewelry pieces made from gold for a cash payment. 

Pawn Shops

If there is one place that will likely be interested in making you a cash offer for your gold jewelry, it will be a pawn shop. Jewelry is one of the top items sold in these establishments, so they are usually more than willing to either take jewelry on pawn or buy it straight out so they can place the item for sale and make a profit. Gold is almost always a valuable item for pawn shops because even if it cannot be sold in-store, gold jewelry is still valuable because of the material it is made from. 

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores are often willing to buy gold jewelry pieces from individuals, especially if the store offers used merchandise for sale. Some jewelry stores will be interested in buying rare or collectible jewelry pieces, or you may find a store that only buys gold rings. There are also some jewelry stores that offer to buy scrap gold, which means even if they are not interested in buying a piece from you for resale, they may be willing to offer you money just for the gold itself. 

Gold Buyers 

Gold buyers can be found in just about every city, and they can even be found online. Therefore, you pretty much always have the option of selling your gold jewelry specifically to a gold buyer. The only downfall to this is the fact that buyers are only going to be interested in the jewelry because of what it is made out of; they will not necessarily care what kind of jewelry it is. For instance, if you have an antique gold necklace with small diamonds incorporated, the diamonds or the fact that the piece is antique will not be considered when you are made an offer. 

If you're selling gold jewelry, consider one of these places.