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What Is An Equity Country Club?

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Are you looking into country clubs in your area? You may have noticed that some of them are called "equity" country clubs. Equity country clubs are a lot like a cooperative club; rather than being owned by a company, they're owned by its members. There are both pros and cons to getting involved with an equity country club.

An Equity Country Club Is Owned By Its Members

Equity country clubs are cooperatives, meaning that members own a share in the country club. This is similar to a credit union. Since the club is owned by its members, it's more likely to change based on the desires of its members. Members will be able to vote on changes in policy and upgrades that the country club makes. A member of an equity country club has more control over it than they would in a regular country club.

But that does mean that the country club is usually much more expensive because it is only backed by the funds of its members. 

Equity Country Clubs Are Often (But Not Always) Refundable

Often, people assume an equity country club membership is always refundable. It's not always refundable, but it is refundable at a higher rate than other types of country club. Other country clubs use their fees as a primary source of revenue.

With an equity country club, you're buying into the club itself. Your club membership is going into purchasing a stake within the club. The club membership may be a little more expensive than it would be otherwise, but it will often be refundable because you can always sell your equity.

You should still check beforehand, though, because some equity clubs do have restrictions on how much of your fee you can get back and when.

An Equity Country Club May Not Have The Resources Of Others

Since an equity country club is funded by its members, the amenities available will depend on the investments of the members involved. Equity country clubs are highly variable. Some may be very laid-back ventures, while others will be huge, sophisticated endeavors. You can't assume the breadth of the country club until you see it because there is such a broad scope. 

If you want a country club membership with a little more control over your membership, an equity country club is a great choice. If you want all the amenities of the best country clubs in the country, you may not find this in an equity club — unless its members are extraordinarily successful.