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Mailing Tubes For Your Stamp Collection Business: Why These Work

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You own a business collecting and selling stamps. You love turning your hobby into a profitable career and enjoy locating stamps from all over the world for people to buy. The problem you run into is this: since most of your customers are online, you end up shipping most of your products to people, hoping that they arrive intact and without any creases. Some customers may be so miffed if their orders come tampered with or damaged in any way that they demand refunds and can possibly damage your reputation.

Your stamps must be transported in a way that is affordable and lets your product reach its destination totally safely. Mailing tubes and containers are your ideal solution to keeping stamps in great condition so that they arrive at their intended destinations in perfect condition. You can order these containers and tubes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, so you don't have to worry about smaller orders being shipped in a different way than larger ones.

Here are some reasons why mailing tubes work for your stamp collection business. You can order these mailing tubes in bulk from your distributor to save even more money on your investment. You can also order mailing tubes in a variety of colors or even a few different textures to allow your customers to enjoy the unique appeal of your shipping choice.

The product doesn't get bent

When you put stamps in a mailing tube, they don't get bent. Unlike boxes or envelopes where the product may get bent or warped somehow, tubes are often tightly structured and durable, with no square edges to allow for creasing. Many companies that specialize in photographs and posters will use this type of shipping method, which you can use for your stamp collection business as well.

The packaging is easy to locate

Have you been using envelopes to send stamps to your customers in the past? Have you been getting complaints from customers that they didn't get their deliveries even though you have a record that they did? They may be missing your orders because they look just like the other mail they are getting, which leads to items getting thrown away by accident. Your customers can appreciate a mailing tube, which is unique and easy to find in their mailbox, so when they get a delivery of their stamps, they'll know right away. You can order samples of mailing containers if you wish to try out before making bulk orders. Contact a company that offers mailing shipping tubes in order to learn more.