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Did Getting Married Destroy Your Walk-In Closet? Get Organized By Working With A Closet Designer

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When you got married, you probably knew there would be some adjustments. Combining two households naturally means that you have to find a place for twice the amount of stuff. Yet, you might not have imagined that it would wreck your closet. Walk-in closets tend to have quite a bit of space, which makes it seem as though there is an endless amount of room to combine your belongings. However, these larger closets can also have drawbacks since it is too easy to start using them for storage or just toss items inside with no worry about how they end up. Fortunately, you can use these tips to work with a professional in closet design to finally have the space of your dreams.

Evaluate Your Current Habits

The first step is to really think about how you use the closet. Is one of you messy while the other is organized? If so, then closet design solutions can help to create a shelving system that helps the less organized person know where to put things. You will also want to think about whether or not you get dressed in the closet or take your clothes to a different room. While you are evaluating your habits, take a good look around to determine what is mostly in the closet. Are you a shoe fanatic, or does your spouse have tons of seasonal clothing that only gets worn for a short time each year? These types of details help your closet designer develop a plan to solve your current problems. 

Discuss Your Must-Haves

You may already have a few ideas for your closet design scheme. For instance, you may want to keep your spouse's belongings on one side and yours on the other for practical purposes. Alternatively, you may have always wanted a display case for your designer purses and shoes. Now is the time to make your dreams known since they can often be incorporated into the design.

Consider Adding a Luxury Feature

For some people, a closet is just a place to keep their clothes. For others, it is a place where they prepare for the day and relax at the end. Your closet can be designed to include specialized features such as a bench where you can sit down to put on your shoes or have a chat with your spouse as they get ready for their day. Coffee makers, laundry appliances and even charging stations with small desk areas are all possibilities that you can add to larger closets to turn the space into a multi-functional area.

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