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Tools And Services For The Modern Author Who Doesn't Type Well

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Writers write; that is what they do. However, not every writer types well or has perfect grammar. In fact, you might be surprised at how often famous authors need help from other sources. If you are a self-proclaimed author but you are not a great typist, here are some tools and services of your trade that can make all the difference. 

Remote Transcription Services

With a transcription service, you will speak, the transcriptionist on the other end will hear what you say, and they will type it out more concisely. It is considered "remote transcription" because the transcriptionist is not right there in the same room with you. The best part is that he or she (or a digital software program) can type and modify what you say just as fast as you have said it. The transcriptionist types faster than you while still keeping up with your patterns of speech, making adjustments to what you have said, and maintaining the meaning. 

Speech-to-Type Software

Skip the typing. Just install this program, activate it, and talk. It will take down everything you say as fast as you say it. The peril of this type of program is that you frequently have to remember to speak your punctuation as you are talking, and then you have to go back and edit it after you have finished a large piece of your written product. However, if you hate typing that much or if you are a "hunt-and-peck" sort of typist, then speech-to-type software will really speed up your work. 

Digital Recorder to Downloaded and Typed Work

Authors wanting to catch a phrase or thought and use it in their writing later used to carry micro-cassette recorders with them everywhere. You can still do that, except that technology has advanced to the point where the recorder takes a digital recording of what you say instead. Special programs can take your digital recordings and instantly transcribe it into type for you when you download your recordings into your laptop's type program. You can then cut and paste these sections into whatever book or article you are writing. It is one of the fastest ways to complete huge sections of your writing projects. 

Hiring Someone Who Types 250wpm

There are people out there who are incredibly fast typists. If you do not want to use the above services, you can always go about this the old-fashioned way and hire a typist. Look for someone who can type at least 100 to 250 wpm (words per minute). 

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