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Designing A Display Banner For A Trade Show

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If you will be setting up at a trade show to represent and advertise your business, one thing you will want is a banner to stretch across the front of your booth. These are not difficult to find. Most sign printing companies make them and will custom-design one for you based on your preferences. There are some intricacies to keep in mind, however, so make sure you follow these tips when shopping for and designing a display banner for your booth.

Look for tough vinyl material.

You can find really cheap banners made from thin vinyl, but there is a good chance that these will rip when you are taking them down or putting them up. Then, you'll have to buy a new one for the next trade show you attend. Rather than attempting to save money by going with the cheapest material, pay a little more for a thicker, tougher vinyl. You'll save money and time in the long run because you won't have to replace your banner in the future.

Make sure the banner has metal grommets.

Check to make sure that the banner has metal grommets where the ropes or strings come in to hang it up. Without these grommets, the strings can do a number on the vinyl, causing it to rip or fray. You don't want the banner to look frayed and disheveled or to fall down when you are at the trade show. Plastic grommets are passable, but metal ones are better.

Limit your colors.

It may be tempting to design a really colorful banner that stands out from those at other booths. While it's okay to use bright colors — as long as that fits your business' persona — you really don't want to use a bunch of different bright colors on the banner. This gets confusing to the eye and will keep people from reading the text on your banner, which is what you really want them to see. Limit yourself to three colors at most.

Check the size carefully.

A saggy banner does not look professional. Make sure you double-check the size of your booth with the trade show organizers before the event so you can be sure to have your banner made in the right size. If your booth setup is adjustable, pick a banner on the smaller side so you have more options when it comes to reusing it at subsequent trade shows.

For more information, contact a display banner company.