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Creative Ways To Use Portable Banner Stands To Highlight Your New Car Dealership

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The process of selling cars has been called an art, and by all measures, it certainly involves a particular type of marketing. The days of the cliche car salesman are long gone, and consumers these days appreciate straightforward marketing efforts. If you are in the process of opening your own car lot, signage is going to play a very important role. Your signage will come in a lot of forms, but portable banner stands are one type of sign you are not going to want to leave out. Here is a look at some of the ways you can use portable banner stands to highlight your new car dealership. 

Place banner stands along the edge of the road to show you are open. 

Highlighting the location as a whole is an important part of attracting customers to your new car dealership. Therefore, placing banner stands along the edge of the lot close to the road will help draw passersby to the new location. These banner stands are designed in a way that they can be anchored into the ground for stability. Not only will these stands attract attention to your lot, but they will also draw attention to the vehicles you have on the lot for sale, so banners should also be placed right alongside special deals on the lot. 

Situate banner stands inside that give customers info about the lot. 

Customers do not like to be bombarded by salespeople, even at a high-energy grand-opening event at a car dealership. If there are unique things about your dealership that you want newcomers to know, print the details on a couple of banners and erect the stands on the show floor inside of your dealership. There are a lot of bits of information you can include, such as the following: 

  • Special financing options you have to offer
  • How to take a test drive if customers find something they like
  • What makes your dealership unique among others in the area

Set up banner stands near the entry of the dealership building. 

You want the entryway to your building to be highly visible, so having banner stands on either side of the doors is a nice touch during your grand opening. Of course, you can have the banners printed with your company name or something about the grand opening of the business, but there are all kinds of ways you can make these banners informative and stand out. 

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