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3 Great Tips To Remember When Renting Portable Restrooms For An Outdoor Event

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If you're having an extravagant event outside, then planning guess access to bathrooms is important. Portable restrooms, in particular, are great to use in this instance. Renting them out will be a breeze if you remember these tips:

Assess Event Size

One of the more important aspects of this portable restroom rental is renting the right amount so that guests at your event won't have to wait long to use the restroom when they need to go. Ordering the right quantity will depend on your event size.

Think about how many people are coming to this event. This will be easy when you send out RSVPs. Once you have a general figure, you'll have a better idea of how many restrooms to rent. If you ever need assistance, you can always  get advice from the restroom company you are renting from. 

Think About Individuals With Disabilities

At the outdoor event, there may be people who are handicapped. You thus need to take these individuals into consideration when looking for portable restrooms. 

It's important that the bathroom doesn't have stairs leading up to the entry door. Instead, you need to make sure a gradually slopped ramp is present. Then, people in wheelchairs will have no trouble getting inside these restrooms.

You also need to make sure these bathrooms offer enough space for the handicapped individual and their equipment. Finally, make sure handrails have been included inside. They'll come in handy when these individuals need extra support when getting on the commode and moving around. 

Look For Luxurious Features

So that these portable restrooms end up working perfectly for your outdoor event, it's a good idea to look for luxurious features. For example, you might look for portable restrooms with LED lighting. These lights will provide a relaxing mood inside the bathroom, helping your guests feel more comfortable. 

Portable restrooms with automatic hand-drying machines also come in handy, as they make it easy to dry hands in a timely manner. Or, you could get portable restrooms with AC. This feature is particularly helpful if your outdoor event is taking place during the summer months.

Having portable bathrooms at your outdoor event is critical for ensuring guests can use the bathroom comfortably. There are many options, but you'll make the right decisions by keeping certain factors in mind. Just make sure you think about what would benefit your guests and this event the most. 

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