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Hosting A Sex Education Event For Teens

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Although sex education is commonly taught in public schools for a brief period, it isn't always effective at helping teenagers make the right decisions. Many teens have sexual intercourse without considering the possible consequences other than conceiving a baby. It is also important for teens to learn about the other things that can occur after having sex, and you can help them learn by hosting youth events around your city. The events should include a form of entertainment to make teens interested in attending, such as providing music and snacks after the main event is over. As you read through the information below, you will get an idea of things that can be done if you decide to host a sex education event for teens.

Get Custom Condoms Printed

Teaching sexual education isn't usually enough to prevent many teens from having sexual intercourse, especially if they have a partner. Giving out condoms at your event can promote safe sex, and you can also discuss how they can be properly used to decrease the risk of them popping. Rather than giving out regular condoms, you can get some custom made via a printing company. You have the ability to get anything that you desire printed on the wrappers of the condoms, such as an informational website for teens to visit or the name of your event. The printing process is usually fast, as well as receiving the condoms after they have been customized.

Find Teens with STD's to Speak

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) is ideal at your event, but it may be more effective if the speakers are teens who actually have diseases. The teens can speak to your guests from a realistic perspective, such as by explaining how the diseases has affected their lives. Try to choose teens who have different STD's so a variety of the can be discussed from a first-hand perspective. Include a teen who has AIDS if you can find one, as it is one of the most serious of all STD's.

Offer Free Tests to the Teens

Plan to offer free tests to teens that attend your event, such as for pregnancy and various STD's. You might have to legally get the permission of the teens parents before testing can be done, so plan for it in advance. The parents may have to be physically at the event for testing to take place depending on the laws in your state. Nurses might volunteer to carry out all of the testing on your behalf if you post an ad searching for a few.

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