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5 Reasons Silver Jewelry Needs To Make A Comeback

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Years ago, if you went shopping for jewelry, you had two metals to choose from: silver and gold. These days, however, you have endless options when it comes to that classic "silver" color. White gold and platinum have become more popular than actual silver, and they offer a similar look. But that does not mean silver jewelry is or should be obsolete! Here are five reasons why silver jewelry needs to make a comeback.

Silver is really durable.

Chances are, you've had a clasp break on a bracelet or necklace at some point in your life. Think back to what that bracelet or necklace was made from. It was probably gold or white gold. These materials, while beautiful, are not overly durable. Silver, by comparison, is. Sterling silver jewelry is less likely to break, thanks to its strength and durability. This makes it an excellent choice for more delicate bracelets that need to have tiny fasteners. Your sterling silver pieces can be passed from generation to generation without the need for repairs.

Silver develops an attractive patina.

When sterling silver jewelry is new, it is light-colored, bright, and very shiny. As it ages, it can develop a deeper patina. You've probably seen a similar patina if you've ever come across old silver dishes or cookware. This patina adds a whole different element of beauty to the jewelry. It still looks luxurious, but in a natural and bold kind of way. Of course, if you ever want to remove the patina, you can just use a jewelry cleaner and restore the silver jewelry's original, shiny look.

Silver is valuable.

Some of the cheaper materials used to make silver-colored jewelry might look nice, but they're not really worth much. Sterling silver jewelry, by comparison, is quite valuable. Its true value fluctuates as the market price of silver fluctuates, but even after it drops, it always goes back up. If you ever need money in the future, you can always cash in by selling a silver bracelet. This is a good emergency investment!

Silver jewelry makers experiment a lot.

For jewelry makers, silver is a rather easy metal to work with. It behaves well when it is molded and when it is chiseled into shape. As such, jewelry makers are often experimenting with different designs and concepts. You can find a wide variety of jewelry, and you should never struggle to find something unique. If you have a silver piece and would like another matching piece made — such as if you have a necklace and want a matching bracelet — it should be pretty easy for a jewelry maker to custom-craft something for you. This is harder to do with other metals, such as platinum, that are really hard and tough to work with.

Silver won't irritate your skin.

Many people are sensitive to other silver-colored metals like nickel. They might make you itch, or they may just turn your skin red. Silver, by comparison, is very non-irritating. You can wear it with confidence without worrying about having to take it off partway through the day. This also means that silver is a safe material for any jewelry that your child might wear. You would not want to put a young child in nickel jewelry because it might irritate their sensitive skin.

Silver jewelry might not be as common as it once was, but it's definitely due for a comeback. Play your role in this comeback by shopping for bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings made from this valuable and beautiful material. With its durability and lasting value, you can pass your favorite pieces on to your kids, too.

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