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Tips For Using A Ball And Lock Growler Cap

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No beer aficionado wants to drink flat beer. Whether you brew your own or pick up growler kegs from your favorite brewery, finding a way to keep the brew bubbly is key. The right cap for the growler is key. A ball and lock growler cap forms a tight seal, but it's easy to operate. The following guide will help you use the cap properly.

Get the right cap

Not all ball and lock caps are the same size. You need to make sure that the cap you purchase is the proper size for your growler. Although growlers are supposed to be of a standard size, there are differences in some instances, particularly if you purchase custom branded growlers straight from a brewery. If you have multiple growlers in different sizes, then you will need to get a different cap for each size. If you are worried about the cap fitting, especially if you have a non-standard growler size or growler opening, then visit a home brew shop. They can help you find the ball and lock cap that will fit properly.

Safety always comes first

Thanks to the CO2 that gives the beer its bubbles, your growler is under pressure. The ball and lock cap is designed to maintain this pressure so you don't lose any of those beloved bubbles. Follow the instructions for putting the cap on the growler, paying special attention to the PSI recommendations and the settings for the pressure release valve. If you are concerned about the growler shattering, then place the growler in a canvas growler bag, available from homebrew suppliers, when placing the cap, storing the growler, or transporting the growler. This will prevent glass shards from flying in the event the pressure causes the growler to shatter.

Avoid modifying the cap

Ball and lock caps should not be modified unless the modifications are done by a trained technician. This means you do not want to mess with the valve seal or any part of the lock or pressure release mechanism. If the cap doesn't fit well, then replace it with one that does. It may also seem tempting to alter the cap to allow it to hook into a CO2 tank to further help keep the beer fizzing. Unfortunately, this is more likely to result in too much pressure and a shattered growler.

For more help, contact a beer equipment supplier like Craft Master Growlers, Inc. today.