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Why Quickly Repairing A Hole In The Door Is Important

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There are many ways to end up with a large hole in one of your doors. Accidents can happen when moving furniture, a fall can land someone right into the door, and even tempers can lead to holes in doors. No matter what has caused the hole in your door, you want to have it fixed. Not only will repairing the door bring the door back to its aesthetically acceptable state, but if it's an exterior door, you will find many other important reasons to repair the door as quickly as you can. Here are numerous reasons why repairing an exterior door is important.

Bugs, rodents, and other pests

If you have an exterior door with a hole in it that goes all the way through, then you are giving bugs and even other pests free reign to enter your house anytime they want. You can end up with moths, flies, spiders, beetles, bees, wasps, ants, and a variety of other bugs. Also, in some regions, you also have to worry about everything from snakes and scorpions to bats. Not to mention, rats and mice are always looking for a better place to call home.

Water damage

There is nothing to stop rainwater, snow, and water from any other source that hits your door from coming in through a hole and ending up in the house. When the water comes inside and is exposed to the warmer temperatures inside, there is a risk of mold and water damage.  


A hole in the door may be hard for thieves passing by your home to resist. Thieves are always looking for an easy target that gives them the opportunity to steal with less of a chance of being arrested. Depending on the location of the hole that is in your exterior door, someone may be able to fit their hand inside just enough to unlock your door and let themselves in.

Peeping Toms

Peeping Toms are a real thing, and if you have a hole in your door that allows the light from inside the house to be seen through the hole from the outside, then you may end up having someone watch you through the hole. You may never even know this is happening, but it is something that you want to be sure you prevent by fixing the door right away.

Escaping pets

Depending on the size of the hole in your door and the size and type of pets you have, you may have to worry about them escaping through the door. Once your pets get out, they can easily become lost. If you are lucky, you may find them quickly. However, you may also end up never finding them at all.


The best way to keep all of the above problems from happening due to a hole is to fix it right away.

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